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The Art of Photography

To be honest, when it comes to photography, I’m more of an enthusiastic layman – someone who isn’t really familiar with the intricacies of photography, but someone who can fully appreciate it all the same. Photography is one of those things that appear to be straightforward and simple but in reality, is quite complex. There’s no denying it – photography is hard work. It takes passion – vigorous passion – and unwavering commitment. It’s not a frivolous hobby reserved to assuage the boredom of the elite (unlike golf – a sport I can never get behind). So if you’ve any preconceived notions about photography being the pastime of the extremely wealthy – with its sole purpose to indulge the people who sneer at outdated iPhones, and seemed to perennially be eating brunch – you’d be incorrect.

One thing many people don’t seem to realize about the art of photography is that the make of your camera has little to do with the outcome of your photos. Granted, having the best camera, the best lighting equipment, the best tripod, and the best accessories in the world (we at Srishti Digilife can help you there!) would definitely greatly improve the quality of your photos but a photographer, a really good one, can work with anything that’s available, because, at the end of the day, your unique perspective is what makes your photos spectacular. So a photographer’s true merit, lies not with their equipment, but with their point of view. It’s not just about photographing an already picturesque scene – a great photographer can take an ordinary, mundane view and transfigure it into something extraordinary.

It’s like Patrick Demarchelier said, “When you are a photographer, you work all the time, because your eye is the first camera”. However, the feat of transforming what your eye sees into a beautiful photograph is another task altogether because what you see, and how you see it, is not how a camera sees it. So a photographer also has to envision how something would look through the lens of a camera. And then begins the endless cycle of adjusting the ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and a whole lot more, in order to make each photograph perfect.

What I’m trying to say is that photography takes a lot more work, perseverance, and innovation than you may think! So if you’re an amateur photographer, don’t be disheartened! Keep at it, and remember, your eyes and your perspective, are the most important equipment you’ll need.


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